Board of Directors

SLT board and staff at Hunnewell Meadow in 2016. Back, left to right: Jesse Goldfine, Bunny Merrill, Doren Dolan, Darsey Moon, Walt Looney, Clifford Borden, Sam Gaines, Mike Haynes, Walter Frame, Jed Lipsky and Meg Kauffman. Front, left to right: Ryan Percy, Chess Brownell, Mila Lonetto, Caitrin Maloney, David Hosmer, Brian Mullin, David Wilkens, Metzi Anderson and Kristen Sharpless. Not pictured: Catherine Drake, Biddle Duke, Tom Jackman, Nancy Krakower and Roger Witten.

Stowe Land Trust Board Members

Chess Brownell, Chair
Walter Frame, Vice Chair & Treasurer
Meg Kauffman, Secretary

Clifford Borden
Beth Bradford
Doren Dolan
Catherine Drake
Samuel P. Gaines
Jesse Goldfine
Mike Haynes
Tom Jackman
Nancy Krakower
Jed Lipsky
Mila Lonetto
Walt Looney
Bunny Merrill
Darsey Moon
Brian Mullin
Ryan Percy
Amy Stewart
David Wilkens
Roger Witten

Directors Emeriti
Charles Berry
Trowbridge Elliman
John Merrill
Alan Thorndike
Gaetano Vicinelli