Little River Corridor Easement

Location:  Stowe's lower village

Date Protected:  April 2008; easement purchased by SLT with funding from State of Vermont River Management Program and the Stowe Conservation Commission

Acres:  2,000 feet of river frontage including floodplain and agricultural fields encompassing 9.4 acres

Current Landowners:  Privately owned; river corridor easement held by SLT

Public Access:  No

Conservation Purposes:  To allow the Little River to re-establish its natural slope and meander pattern and its access to natural floodplains in order to reduce erosion hazards, provide flood inundation and fluvial erosion hazard mitigation benefits, improve water quality through hydrologic, sediment and nutrient attenuation, and to conserve and enhance aquatic and wildlife habitats and natural processes associated with the protected property now and in the future.