Mill Trail

Picnic area installed in 2018

Location: Notchbrook Road, Stowe

Date Protected:  October 2003; land purchased by SLT with funding from a private donor

Acres:  31

Landowner:  Stowe Land Trust; easement held by Vermont Land Trust

Conservation Purposes: 

  • To protect significant historical features
  • To protect wildlife habitat and allow public access for low impact recreation and wildlife observation.

Property History:  The conserved Mill Trail property contains remains from several points in Stowe's history.  Stone cellar hole remains found on the property are considered to be "Sallies Farm" from the 1840's.  This property is historically significant as it houses the site of the former Orlando Turner Saw Mill and Tub Factory.  The log cabin located on the property was a seasonal camp owned by the Lichtenthaeler family from the early to mid 1900's.

About the Property:  Upon entering the main trail of this conserved property, one senses a feeling of quiet even though the road is only several yards away. The sound of flowing river hitting the rocks masks traffic noises coming from Notchbrook Road.  The wide trail passes by softwood trees growing on a steep hill sloping down to the river. Traces from past land uses are visible in cellar holes and the historic cabin which is easily accessible by the trail system. Mill Trail includes a large portion of the West Branch of the Waterbury River and a northern hardwood forest mixed with stands of softwood including hemlock. The mixed forest and flowing river create great habitat for wildlife species while allowing public access for wildlife observation.

The Moravian Cabin at Mill Trail
The cabin at the Mill Trail Property was constructed in 1935 in the unique Moravian style as one of the first ski-in roadside inns, and provided accommodations for Stowe’s first skiers. Recently restored, the cabin’s goal is to educate the public and further SLT’s mission to conserve scenic, recreational, and productive farm and forest lands for the benefit of the greater Stowe community. On Saturdays from June through September, the Summer Naturalist Program is based out of the cabin. During other times of year, the cabin is open to the public for Stowe Land Trust events or outings only. Contact us today for more information.

Public Access:  This property is open to the public for a variety of pedestrian recreational activities including but not limited to hiking, hunting, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and wildlife observation. Want to know which uses are allowed on our SLT-owned lands or make a request to use this property for a group outing, tour, or event? Check out our visitor information page or online Use Request Form.

Restricted Uses:  Mountain biking and motorized vehicles are not permitted on the property.

Directions:  From the intersection of Route 100 and Route 108 in Stowe village, head north on Route 108 for 5.1 miles. Turn right on Notchbrook Road and drive .6 miles to a small pull-off on the left where there is limited parking available.