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Pinnacle Meadow

Location:  Perched on the north side of Stowe Pinnacle.

Date Protected:  July 2002; land purchased by SLT with funding from the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board, an anonymous donor, and local community members 

Acres:  134

Landowner:  State of Vermont; conservation easement held by Stowe Land Trust and the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board.

Conservation Purposes:  The primary purposes of the conservation easement are to provide for non-commercial, non-motorized, low-impact public recreational uses and to protect the property’s undeveloped character, scenic and open space resources for present and future generations. The secondary purpose is to conserve and protect the forest, wildlife habitat, natural communities, flora and fauna, watershed and streams on the property.

Project Background:  Just seven months after the signing of a purchase and sale agreement in December 2001, Stowe Land Trust raised the funds necessary to purchase the 134-acre Pinnacle Meadow property perched on the north side of Stowe Pinnacle. This primarily forested land with a scenic open meadow was slated for a 16-house development, and was considered a high priority for conservation by SLT because of its natural resources values.

Property Description:  The Pinnacle Meadow property consists of two parcels known as the Fuller Lot (8 acres) and McCuen Lot (126 acres). The property ranges in elevation from 1,500 to 2,300 feet. It is surrounded on the north, east and south side by the Putnam State Forest. Other abutting landowners are private homeowners. The property consists of the north side of the Stowe Pinnacle. It is primarily forested with young, mixed hardwood and softwood trees and has one large open meadow at approximately 2,300 feet. From the meadow one can see the Green Mountains, from Camels Hump to Mt. Mansfield to Sterling Valley and Stowe Valley. The topography is gently to moderately sloping. It contains several small streams, most notably Gold Brook, which crosses through the northeastern corner of the property. A 50 foot right-of-way makes the property accessible from the western boundary off of Upper Pinnacle Road.

Public Access:  Pinnacle Meadow is available to the general public for all types of non-motorized, non-mechanized, dispersed pedestrian recreational purposes including but not limited to hiking, walking, wildlife observation, skiing, snowshoeing, hunting and trapping. Primitive camping is permitted on the property, but must be at least 200 feet from any trail or property line and 1000 feet from any traveled road (see State of Vermont rules regarding primitive camping on selected state lands).

Directions:  Pinnacle Meadow is located at the end of Upper Pinnacle Road on the north side of Stowe Pinnacle. From the intersection of Route 100 and Route 108 in Stowe Village, head north on Route 100. Take your third right onto School Street. After 0.3 miles take a slight right onto Stowe Hollow Road. Travel for 1.5 miles on Stowe Hollow Road, staying straight to continue onto Upper Hollow Road. After the steep, paved hill the road turns to dirt. Take your first left onto Pinnacle Road and travel 0.4 miles. Make a slight right onto Upper Pinnacle Road and travel for 0.6 miles. At the next fork, take the slight left onto a class IV road that is marked "Pinnacle Meadow", travel for 0.4 miles. Soon you will see the state forest sign and a gate, the parking area on your left.

From the Pinnacle Meadow parking area, walk a short 0.25 miles up the road. The Pinnacle Meadow trail continues into the woods at the top of the clearing and eventually connects to the Stowe Pinnacle Trail. 

“The development of this property would have fragmented the high elevation forest. Its protection will keep this magnificent swath of forest intact and preserve this very special place.”

- Kathleen Fitzgerald, SLT’s former Executive Director


  • Conserved in 2002
  • Relieves pressure on popular Stowe Pinnacle Trail
  • Views from Camel's Hump to Sterling Valley

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