Happy Tails & Trails

A dog's favorite place: the woods!

Dog waste got you down? Us too. Come by and join in the discussion of what we can do to help the problem.

Time: 9 am -12 pm

Meeting Place: Wiessner Woods

Celebrate National Trails Day by joining us for a fun event centered on responsible use of public trails with a dog! We are teaming up with local dog trainers Marie Kingsbury and Maryellen Sullivan as well as NCAL to make this a fun filled event. Marie and Maryellen will be on site giving helpful tips for improving your dog's recall in the woods and we'll be displaying a new flyer created in partnership with NCAL to promote best practices for dog and owner behavior on shared trails. 

Topics include: 

Recall: Does Fido listen better in your living room than the woods? Tips on how to encourage your dog to come in spite of distractions.

Poop: Everyone's favorite topic (and substance to step in!). How to we keep trails clean?

Trail Clean Up: Help us pick up litter and waste around the parking lot and trails of Wiessner Woods. 

Well socialized four legged friends are of course welcome. This event is for them! Please keep dogs on leash and limit two dogs per family. Please use leashes that are 6' or less - no retractable leashes! Please also leave toys at home to avoid starting any dog disagreements.

Bring treats! You'll be working with your dog on recall and learning their name and you'll want to be able to reward them!

Please register online in advance if you can! This event is free and open to the public.