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Explore Brownsville Forest this Winter

In the northeast corner of Stowe is a beautiful area to explore. Brownsville-Story Ridge Forest was conserved by Stowe Land Trust in 2019 and transferred to the State of Vermont as an addition to the 14,000-acre C.C. Putnam State Forest. This recreational paradise is a dream for anyone who likes to Nordic ski or snowshoe in a quiet forest with spectacular views.

The Route

  • Beginner skiers and showshoers should plan to explore the unplowed sections of McCall Pasture Road and Brownsville Road. You can add on a little off-road loop through the open meadow off Brownsville Road (access from behind the chain-link fence/gate) to get a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Begin at the corner of McCall Pasture Road and Brownsville Road where the plowing ends. Head up either road direction for a gentle out-and-back ski. For most of the way up McCall Pasture Road, Brownsville Forest and public state forest is on your right. Please respect private property and any posted signs on your left.
  • For a more adventurous expedition, try to ski or snowshoe the hiking trail that winds through the property. Begin at the corner of McCall Pasture Road and Brownsville Road where the plowing ends. Continue straight on the unplowed section of Brownsville Road and keep a sharp eye out for the trail on your left at the first bend (approximately 1/4 mile). Follow the blue plastic blazes that mark the way. Loop back on Brownsville Road.

Whichever way you choose, get outside and enjoy the sunny cold days of winter on your public lands!

Mountain biking, horseback riding, and motorized recreational activities (including snowmobiling) are restricted to town roads.

Parking: Park along the side of Brownsville road where the plowing ends. Please pull out of the way of driveways and traffic, be sure to stay out of the town plow turn-around area, respect "No Parking" signs, and be respectful of neighbors and adjacent private land. This includes keeping your dog leashed or otherwise by your side and under control so as not to disturb the neighbors and their animals. Pet waste should be picked up and carried off the property to a trash can or at minimum, removed from the road or trail it was deposited on.

Directions to the land: From Stowe Village take Route 100 north and turn right onto Randolph Road. Take your first right onto Moss Glen Falls Road. Follow Moss Glen Falls Road up the steep hill and continue on Brownsville Road. Park at the corner of McCall Pasture Road and Brownsville Road where the plowing ends. Parking on the right hand side of the road only. Brownsville Road continues through Brownsville-Story Ridge Forest and connects on the other side of the property with Brush Hill Road (this portion of the road is not maintained in winter).

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