The Naturalist's Journal: An Introduction

“There is never a square yard in the forest that does not tell us something about the wildlife within it” –Paul Rezendes

With some patience and quiet time to sit alone, we can discover the secrets of the forest and its inhabitants. Track the plants and animals of the Mill Trail through seasons of change through our new Naturalist Journal. We will provide weekly updates about the flora and fauna and their interactions over time. Stewardship & Outreach Assistant, Brenna Toman, will bring the forest to you with observations, watercolors, and photos. A hard copy of the Naturalist's Journal will be at the Mill Trail Cabin during Open Houses, every Saturday from June 18th through September 3rd. Stop by!

Want to create your own naturalist's journal? All you need is a pencil, paper, and half an hour a week to sit outside. Sit in the same place over weeks and months to watch the world around you grow and change. How will it change you as you grow? Write your thoughts and observations, draw pictures and maps, and research what you don't know. Nature is a language you learn to speak only by immersion. Go out at dawn, dusk, midnight, and everywhere in between. You will find that you can be comfortable in any weather if you are dressed for it. Finally, have fun and keep at it!