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Stewardship: Caring for Land Forever

Monitoring & Landowner Support

At least once a year, SLT staff visit each of our protected properties and check in with the owners of those properties. This regular monitoring ensures that a property is cared over time.  SLT is committed, to regular, documented monitoring in order to:

  • Build rapport with property owners.
  • Support good land stewardship.
  • Detect and resolve potential or actual violations early. 
  • Create a record of conditions and changes on the land.
  • Build community support & awareness for SLT's conservation work.

A team of volunteer Land Stewards also help monitor and maintain SLT's most visible and heavily used protected properties.  They adopt a property with public access, make quarterly visits, interact with visitors, and report any problems or concerns.

Land & Recreation Management

SLT owns and manages five properties: Wiessner Woods, Kirchner Woods, DuMont Meadow, Page Forest, and the Mill Trail.  With over 11 miles of trails, these properties are managed as gateways to the outdoors, conservation, and SLT.  Some of our activities and responsibilities include:

  • Conservation management planning
  • Boundary line marking
  • Trail improvements & maintenance
  • Invasive plant control
  • Wildlife monitoring & habitat protection
  • Pet waste monitoring & education
  • Outings & events
  • Demonstration

Want to know what we are working on? Check out our Current Projects.

Want to get involved? Check out our volunteer page for current opportunitites.

Want to know which uses are allowed on our properties or make a request to use a property for a group outing, tour, or event? Check out our visitor information page or online Use Request Form.

Stewardship Sponsors

Thank you Spruce Peak Realty for sponsoring the stewardship of Kirchner Woods from 2018 - 2020! If you'd like to sponsor an SLT property please contact us.