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Strategic Plan

Stowe Land Trust's Strategic Plan details the strategies to achieve our goals and is supported by a three-year action plan, the implementation of which is already underway. This Plan also defines our mission, values and benchmarks that we will use to measure our success.  Most importantly, this Strategic Plan clarifies our commitment to land conservation in the greater Stowe community.

To guide our work and respond to the challenges before us, this Strategic Plan articulates five specific goals:

1.      LAND PROTECTION: The essential character and function of the Stowe landscape is conserved through proactive and responsive land protection.  

2.      STEWARDSHIP:  SLT-protected and -owned properties are sustainably managed to maintain and enhance their conservation values. SLT-owned properties are “gateways” to the organization, and encourage use and enjoyment by the community.

3.      FUNDRAISING:  SLT has sufficient funds to meet its land protection goals, fulfill its perpetual stewardship obligations, and support annual operations.

4.      SOLID ORGANIZATION:  Effective people and systems throughout the organization provide direction, resources, and follow-through to implement SLT’s mission.  A culture of appreciation and inclusion throughout SLT is evident.

5.      COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: SLT is an essential community institution with an educated, diverse and active base of support that participates in land conservation practices throughout Stowe.

Download a copy of the Strategic Plan (pdf)