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Land Protection

Saving Land Now

Protecting land means making sure it is used and cared for sustainably in a changing climate—so it can be there for the next generations. Most of our conserved lands are open to the public: they are there for you, your family, and those who come after you to enjoy. We are working to make sure these spaces are accessible to all, no matter who you are, where you’re from, or how you ended up here. And we consider access to land for other community needs—like housing, food, and clean water—when we protect new spaces.

Which lands we protect

We focus on strategically protecting landscapes big and small that have significant benefits for our community. We work to protect land with one or more high quality conservation values: working farms, working forests, river corridors, recreational land with public access, land which benefits wildlife and biodiversity, and land that contributes to the scenic beauty of our place. Our Strategic Conservation Plan guides our work along with our commitment to give everyone access to land.

Our conserved lands

Our Strategic Conservation Plan

How we save land

Every piece of land is unique. We work with willing landowners to come up with a custom plan that meets their goals and fits with our tools and resources. When permanent land protection isn’t the right fit, we help landowners identify other possibilities for meeting their conservation goals. We rarely work alone and rely on a strong and diverse network of partnerships to accomplish our work.

Our tools for protecting land

For land owners

Do you want to see your land conserved for the future? Are you planning ahead for retirement or beyond? Are you curious about what the financial and tax benefits may be for permanently protecting your land? We can help you understand the options for conserving your land and explain the process of protecting your land with a land trust to meet your goals.

Resources for landowners

For land seekers

Are you interested in purchasing land protected with a Stowe Land Trust conservation easement? Looking for local land to farm? Wondering how a land trust could help you achieve your dream of property ownership? We can answer your questions and help you make connections.

Resources for land seekers