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Learn about the many, varied recreational opportunities on Stowe Land Trust's conserved properties. Follow this link and explore.

Events & Outings

Celebrating 30 Years!

Stowe Land Trust turned 30 in 2017. Since SLT started with the purchase of the Mayo Farm in 1987, we have conserved many of Stowe's special places with and for our community. Join us in celebrating the last 30 years and looking ahead to the next 30 today!

The Difference We Make

Conserved lands in Stowe and the surrounding area are the snapshots visitors bring home from their vacation – the reason why so many people choose to visit Stowe, or make it their home. These lands have been permanently protected because of the benefits they bring to our community – high-quality recreation, scenic views, a rural working landscape, and a local economy supported by the area’s natural resources. Join us in protecting the places you love.