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SLT owns and manages six properties—Kirchner Woods, Wiessner Woods, the Mill Trail, Page ForestDuMont Meadow, and Shutesville Ledges—that serve as places for the community to connect to the land and SLT’s conservation mission through recreation, education, and demonstration of sustainable land management practices. These SLT-owned lands are also places where SLT is committed to protecting other conservation values including wildlife habitat, water quality, and ecosystem function. 

Here you can find information on which uses are permitted, restricted, and prohibited on each property. Have a workshop, tour, event or other use for which you'd like to request permission? Complete our online Use Request Form to make a specific request or contact our Stewardship Director at (802) 253-7221 or info@ with questions.

Thanks and we hope that you enjoy your visit!

General Guidelines

Thank you for helping us to care for our land and trails by observing the following guidelines:

  • Respect wildlife, the forest, and other visitors
  • Carry in and carry out all trash and pet waste
  • No overnight camping or parking
  • No cutting or creation of new trails
  • Limit trail use during mud seasons & observe trail closures and reroutes

What Can I Do on SLT-Owned Lands?

All SLT-owned lands are open to pedestrians for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and wildlife observation. Other uses are permitted on some properties and prohibited or restricted on others. For specific information on what's allowed on each property, check out this summary table or visit our Explore Map.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome on SLT-owned properties under the following conditions:

  • Dogs may be off leash if they are under voice control, are considerate of other dogs and visitors, and remain within sight of their walkers.
  • Dogs not able to meet all the above requirements must be leashed.
  • All pet waste must be carried out.

Can I ride my mountain bike?

Mountain, fat biking, and class one e-bikes are permitted on designated trails at Kirchner WoodsDuMont Meadow, and Page Forest. Biking is prohibited at Wiessner Woods, Shutesville Ledges, and the Mill Trail Property. All bike trails on SLT-owned properties are considered multi-use and open to all users unless signed otherwise. 

Are horses allowed?

Only on Alex’s Trail at DuMont Meadow, which can support occasional and light horseback riding use.

What about hunting, fishing & trapping?

Hunting is prohibited at Kirchner Woods and Wiessner Woods per donor wishes. Hunting and fishing within legal seasons in accordance with the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife rules and regulations is permitted on all other SLT-owned properties. Trapping is not allowed on any SLT-owned properties except Shutesville Ledges, where SLT's prior permission is required.

Which uses are prohibited?

  • Riding ATVs and Other Motorized Vehicles
  • Unauthorized Use of Firearms
  • Rock Climbing
  • Paintball
  • Glading

Which uses need permission from SLT?

If you would like to use a SLT-owned property for one of the following, please complete our online Use Request Form.

  • Group Recreational Use, including hikes, workshops, group rides, etc. involving a party of 10 or more people, regardless of whether a fee is charged
  • Guided & Commercial Activities such as guided hikes, workshops, or ski tours; dog walking services
  • Events such as races, festivals, contests, plays and performances, family reunions, and weddings
  • Academic Research
  • Trail Construction
  • Plant and Resource Collecting
  • Fires & Camping
  • Geocaches and Letterboxes
  • Signs, Trail Markers, and Memorials

How do I request permission for a particular use?

Complete our online Use Request Form to make a specific request or contact the Stewardship Director at (802) 253-7221 or info@