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Bryant - Adams Farm & Barn

Location:  Nestled in Nebraska Valley, Moscow.

Date Protected: December 2002; easement donated by Jack and Nancy Bryant

Acres: 5.7

Landowner:  Privately owned; conservation easement held by Stowe Land Trust.

Conservation Purposes:   The primary purpose of this easement is to conserve productive agriculture in order to facilitate active and economically viable farm use of the protected property now and in the future.  The secondary purposes are to encourage sustainable management of soil resources, to conserve scenic and natural resources associated with the protected property, to improve the quality of life for Vermonters, and to maintain for the benefit of future generations the essential characteristics of the Vermont countryside.  To maintain the scenic, undeveloped, rustic and open space values of the property for future generations.

Project Background:  Few people who drive through Nebraska Valley fail to notice the majestic old Adams Barn nestled in the western corner of the large open meadow. Both the meadow and the barn are remnants of Stowe’s agricultural history in an area that is now primarily residential.  By donating a conservation easement to Stowe Land Trust on the 5.7-acre meadow and barn, the Bryants preserved an important part of Stowe’s character.  The meadow contains prime agriculture soils, a classification of soil that is not common in the Stowe area.  The adjacent landowner currently uses it as a hayfield.

Property Description:  The Adams-Bryant property was 85 acres.  The property consisted of forest land, home sites, and agricultural land.  The agricultural land consisted of the upper meadow and the lower meadow.  The Bryant’s donated a conservation easement to protect the upper meadow, which is 5.7 acres and includes the barn.  The protected property is mostly open field with some trees along the western boundary.

This property does not have public access.

And we came, built our lives
in that beckoning environment

Camps and sugar houses
Barns and fields
Homes and children
Work and community

Excerpt from poem
Nebraska Valley by Jack Bryant


  • This property does not have public access.
  • The meadow contains prime agriculture soils, a classification of soil that is not common in the Stowe area.
  • The conservation easement protects the upper meadow and the barn. 

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