SLT Asks for Town Meeting Day Support

For the past 25 years Stowe Land Trust has been a part of the community – acting as your voice for conservation.  Together, we have successfully completed 30 conservation projects that protect our favorite trails, the best views and our local farms.  With your help, we have also succeeded in protecting important wildlife habitat and river corridor lands.  We have a lot to be proud of because of your support for land conservation.

The Town has also been a critical component of our success for the last quarter century.  Without their support and understanding of the value of land conservation in Stowe, we would not have been able to protect places like Bingham Falls, Adams Camp and Cady Hill Forest.

One of the ways the Town shows its support for SLT’s work is by including SLT’s annual request for $6,000 in the Community Services Budget.  We use these funds to keep trails and conserved land in great shape, to work on new conservation projects and offer interesting outings and educational materials to the community.  Please show your support for conservation and the places you love by voting in favor of the Community Services Budget at Town Meeting.

The Town is also proposing a $20,000 line item in the capital budget to support trail development at Cady Hill Forest.  Since taking ownership of the property last year, the Town has been hard at work making Cady Hill, your forest.  These funds will be used to implement ideas from public meetings held last fall.  A copy of the Cady Hill Forest draft trails plan is available on the Town of Stowe's website.

Thank you!