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A letter from the Executive Director: introducing our new look

Posted Thursday, May 19, 2022
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New look. Same vision. Ready for the next 35 years. 

A letter from executive director Kristen Sharpless

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Stowe area community is experiencing significant growth and change. Either directly or indirectly, you’ve been affected by the labor shortages, worsening housing crisis, epic traffic jams, increased wear on trails, and more.

During this dynamic time, I am reminded of another period of dramatic community change during the early 1980s when there was rapid development, and extreme traffic congestion in Stowe. These were the circumstances that led to the formation of Stowe Land Trust, the conservation of Mayo Farm, and the creation of Mayo Farm Road as a critical northern bypass for traffic moving between Route 100 and the Mountain Road—all tremendously positive outcomes.

In its first 35 years, Stowe Land Trust’s dedication to its mission to protect scenic, recreational, and productive farm and forest lands has been key to our success. Our community cares about land conservation and it shows. We’ve also responded to change by investing in cultivating in the next generation of conservationists, growing our partnerships, and incorporating new best practices that account for urgent issues like climate change and equity into our conservation work. These changes are necessary to stay effective and relevant in a rapidly changing community and world.

Our refreshed brand reflects a commitment to both our traditions and a vibrant evolution. Our updated logo is iconic and recognizable, as well as energetic and open. It is designed to reflect the connections we seek to create. We’ve kept our signature shade of forest green and added a secondary pallet of bright, playful colors that are reflected in our landscape’s spring foliage, bluebird skies, and harvest golds.

You’ll also hear a shift in our voice and the stories we tell, which is an intentional evolution designed to connect to the deep power and emotion of what we do. And to make our work relevant to more people in our community.

This is an invitation to engage. To help us make Stowe Land Trust’s next 35 years count for this community as much as—or more than—the first 35. We can’t do it without you. Connect to something more. Please join us today.

With gratitude,