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Kirchner Woods Sugarhouse Collapses

Posted Monday, March 17, 2014
— News, Kirchner Woods

The ailing Kirchner Woods sugarhouse succumbs to snow load following winter storm Vulcan. Photo credit: Sheila Goss

This past Friday, March 14th, after winter storm Vulcan passed through blanketing Stowe in over 20 inches of fresh snow, Stowe Land Trust (SLT) received word via their Facebook page that the Kirchner Woods sugarhouse had collapsed. This iconic building has served many purposes over the years, but most recently due to its structural instability merely alluded to the past use of the property.

The sugarhouse was in rough condition and well beyond repair when SLT purchased the property from Jerry Kirchner’s estate in 2009. Since then it has been locked with a caution sign posted on the door warning people not to enter the structure.  It was considered a hazard.

For the time being SLT is asking visitors to leave the building alone. They will look to schedule a volunteer work day at Kirchner Woods this spring/summer to clean up the site.