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Looking for a Successor

Posted Thursday, April 13, 2017
StoriesLong Winter Farm

Christine Kaiser

Christine Kaiser was ready to retire. She had been running her family’s farm in Nebraska Valley for decades, first milking cows then switching to operating a goat dairy. She also sold eggs, pork and chicken to her neighbors and area restaurants. When she started nearing 70, Christine began looking for a farmer interested in buying her land and buildings. 

But finding a farmer who could afford Stowe’s high land prices and had a good business plan as well as experience proved difficult. After a failed attempt at leasing the farm to a small-scale dairy farmer, Christine was discouraged. She wanted to see the farm continue in farming, but she wasn’t sure how to make that happen. Frustrated, she posted “Farm for sale” on an online neighborhood forum with her contact information.

Stowe Land Trust’s team saw the post and contacted Christine. Together, in partnership with Vermont Land Trust's Farmland Access Program, they got the ball rolling on conserving her farm and transferring it to new farmers. The unique deal would not have been possible without the support of the Stowe community. Neighbors, donors, and supporters all chipped in to save the farm and make it affordable for future farmers. Now, new farmers Annie and Andrew Paradee have started their own business, Long Winter Farm, on the property and Christine is enjoying her retirement.