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Halloween Storm Damage Update

Posted Wednesday, November 6, 2019
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Trees down on the Sugarhouse Loop at Wiessner Woods

Trail washout at Kirchner Woods

Bridge washout at Kirchner Woods

Flooded parking lot at the Mill Trail

Stowe saw quite the wild and stormy Halloween last week. The rain and winds last Thursday and Friday affected many trails in town including those at Kirchner Woods, Wiessner Woods, and the Mill Trail.


Kirchner Woods

Heavy rains flooded the small streams near the parking lot at Kirchner. The stream jumped its bank and washed out a portion of the trail and left debris on the first two bridges. A volunteer work day is planned Friday, Nov. 15th from, 2-4 pm to put this section of trail back together. If you're interested in helping out please email elisabeth@  Cancelled due to snow. 


Wiessner Woods

Flooding wasn’t too bad at Wiessner Woods, but the winds on Friday knocked down about 10 trees across the Sugarhouse Loop Trail. Stowe Land Trust will be working with our group of chainsaw volunteers to clear these downed trees. If you are skilled with a chainsaw, have taken some form of chainsaw safety course, and would like to volunteer, please contact Elisabeth at elisabeth@


Mill Trail

The Mill Trail held up well to an excess of water flowing down the hill. There are a few small washouts along the trail but none will require major repairs.


If you’re out hiking or biking and see some trail damage that we haven’t found yet please feel free to send an email (with pictures if you have them!) to elisabeth@