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Save the Kaiser Farm!

Posted Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Kaiser Family has maintained their farm in the scenic Nebraska Valley for more than 70 years. In 2015, when the farm was put on the market, Stowe Land Trust teamed up with Vermont Land Trust to step in and save the 49-acre farm.

Many of us have a connection to the Kaiser Farm, whether it is through buying fresh eggs or pork from the farm, or enjoying the views of the open meadows along Nebraska Valley road. The farm is one of the last remaining working farms in Stowe, and is a reminder of the town’s agricultural heritage. 

Stowe Land Trust and Vermont Land Trust have arranged to purchase an easement on the Kaiser Farm, which will forever protect the farm from development and ensure that the farm will remain affordable to future farmers. 

Through Vermont Land Trust's Farmland Access Program, a local farm family will be able to purchase the farm at an affordable price. Andrew and Annie Paradee are a young couple with strong ties to the community and a robust plan for a sustainable diversified operation. Their operation is a great fit for the farm resource. 

Give today to help protect one of the last working farms in Stowe and support the next generation of Stowe farmers.

Click here to learn more about the Kaiser Farm.