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Protecting Your Land

Do you own land that you would like to see remain free from development for your lifetime and for future generations? Are you searching for a means to save on taxes, especially estate taxes, and protect what could be your most valuable financial asset - your property?

Consider permanently protecting your family’s lands. Doing nothing to protect your land may doom your land to development. Why? Estate taxes are one reason. Federal taxes can be as high as 55% of a property's fair market value, virtually forcing heirs to sell it. And, of course, future owners may be compelled by ever-increasing property values - or simply by a lack of appreciation for the land - to sell it for development.

Land trusts, like Stowe Land Trust, are experts at helping landowners find ways to protect their land. A few of the options open to you are listed below.  By working with Stowe Land Trust, a charitable organization dedicated to conserving scenic, recreational, and productive farm and forest lands in the Stowe area, landowners can ensure that their family lands will be passed on to another generation, can insulate their estates from large tax liabilities, and make an enduring contribution to their community.

Willing landowners with a passion for conservation are necessary to complete Stowe Land Trust's mission.  Stowe Land Trust identifies key parcels for conservation and occasionally will initiate negotiations with a landowner, but most projects begin when a willing landowner contacts SLT.  If you would like to learn more about possibilities to conserve your land, please don't hesitate.  Click on the links to the left to find out more about your conservation options or contact Stowe Land Trust today.