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Bouchard Farm & Landmark Meadow

Bouchard Farm (266 acres total; of which 180 acres are protected under a conservation easement) and Landmark Meadow (16.1 conserved acres) provide stunning open views of Mount Mansfield from the adjacent Stowe Recreation Path and the Mountain Road. Separate conservation easements cover each property, conserving productive agricultural and wood lands, wildlife habitats, non-commercial recreational opportunities and activities, and other natural resource and scenic values. Of Bouchard's 180 conserved acres, 125 are tillable lands of prime or statewide significant soils. 

Bucolic scenes of pastured cows and open meadows against the backdrop of Mount Mansfield can be enjoyed while biking, skiing or walking the Stowe Recreation Path, which winds along the east side of the Bouchard Farm.

Public Access

The farm and meadow are not open to the public. 


The farm and meadow are not open to the public. However, the Stowe Recreation Path passes along the property next to the West Branch of the Little River and can be accessed via Thompson Park off of the Mountain Road opposite Landmark Meadow (located 2.7 miles west of the Route 108/100 intersection in Stowe village). 


  • 180 conserved acres (Bouchard), 16 conserved acres (Landmark Meadow)
  • Privately Owned
  • Conserved in 1998
  • Route 108, Stowe

I wanted to keep this land as a viable farm, big enough for it to stay a farm in the future.Paul Percy, Stowe farmer