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Donor List

Thank you to all our members and partners who supported us in 2022-2023!

This list includes membership and unrestricted donations to Stowe Land Trust and Canadian Friends of Stowe Land Trust made between October 1, 2022-September 30, 2023. If we have missed or incorrectly listed your name, please email us and let us know!

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Our Members

☆ = Pinnacle Society ($1,000-$100,000)     ♢ = 15+ Year Supporter     ☖ = Legacy Society

Friends of Stowe Land Trust (23)

Alicia L. Abad ☆

Larry Abrams ♢

Steve Adams                     

Pete Adamy & Patricia Flam                        

Richard and Anne Adler                

The Robin & Evie Foundation ☆

Judith Allen ♢   

Cynthia Allen-Berson & Steven Berson ♢

Lynn Altadonna & Mary Skelton ♢            

Richard and Carole Altman                          

Robyn Anderson                              

Metzi Anderson & Ross Scatchard                            

Dean and Jean Anderson ♢         

Jared & Cassie Annello ☆

Champlain Investment Partners ☆

Diane Arnold & Dean Goodermote ♢ ☆ 

Charlie Aronovici                                             

Jonathan and Jennifer Ashe ☆   

Robert P. Ball                                     

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund                                     

Gary and Nancy Banks                                  

Andrea Barberi and Andrew Vallance                                      

Jennifer Bass                                     

Laurie Batal ☆   

Jared and Melissa Baucom                                          

Remarkable Home                                          

Lisa Beach ♢                      

Jeff and Susan Beattie ♢               

Jesse Beck and Kevin Veller ♢                     

Hillel and Mitzi Becker ♢                              

Alan and Karen Beecher                                

Donna Beecy                                     

Karl and Grace Behrend                                

Skip & Michaela Beitzel  ☆           

Ori Ben-Akiva & Jess Dickinson ☆             

The Benedict Family                                       

Albert Benhaim & Gail Wasserman                                          

Michael Bennett ♢                          

D. Ben and Robin Benoit                                               

Raymond and Sengdao Bergmann                                            

Alisa and Gene Bernat                                   

Charlie and Gibby Berry ♢ ☆ ☖

Stephen and Louise Berry ☆       

Kate Berseth                                      

Charlie and Weezie Betz ♢                           

Betty and Carvel Bevans ♢                           

Ken and Lilli Biedermann ♢                         

Ron Biedermann ♢                         

John and Diane Biello ♢                

Anna Black                                         

Heather Freeman Black                                 

BlackRock Financial Management Inc.                                    

Peter and Nina Blain ☆  

Jeff and Debbie Blanton                                

Marcy and Jeff Blauvelt                                 

David and Betsy Blechman                                           

Steve and Gail Blumsack ♢                          

Scott and Carol Boardman                                           

Joe and Anne Cresci ♢                   

Paul and Anne Bolno ☆ 

Harry and Carol Bonyun ♢                            

Clifford Borden  ♢ ☆      

Paul Bosland ♢ ☆            

Beth and Barton Bradford                                            

David and Lauren Brake                                

Karen Yacos & Gregory Brand                                     

Philip Branton & Ellen Lazarus ♢ ☆          

Dan and Jessy Brault ♢                  

Antoine and Sophie Brechu                                         

Rick and Ann Bresnahan ♢ ☆      

Jim and Brenna Brochhausen                                     

Jane and Duncan Brown                               

Robert Brown                                   

Chess Brownell  ♢ ☆ ☖

Hiram Brownell & Lise Johnson                                 

Josie Brownell                                   

Kevin and Julie Buchanan ☆        

Charles and Susanna Burnham                                  

Carole Burnham                                               

Elizabeth Bushueff                                          

Mary Jane Cain  ♢                            

Sarah Calvo                                        

Bob Campbell                                   

Canadian Friends of Stowe Land Trust ☆

Andrea and Christian Carey                                         

Yola Carlough                                    

Ethan and Kristy Carlson                                               

Alexander Carman ☆     

Donna Carpenter ♢ ☆   

Rick and Lisa Carrick ♢                   

Kathryn Carter                                  

Michael and Elizabeth Cascone ☆             

Robert C. Chase                               

John Chassard ♢                              

William and Anne Chatfield                                         

Paul Chebator & Mer Zovko ☖

Richard Cherney & Ronda Diamond ☆    

Nina Church                                      

Gunnel Clarke & John DeVillars ♢ ☆ ☖

Drew and Stefanie Clymer                                            

Rui and Julia Coelho                                       

John and Vicki Cohen ♢                

Mud City Adventures                                     

Donna Collins                                    

Andrea Collis                                     

Darla Witmer & Peter Collotta                                    

Michele Comtois                                             

Mark J. Condon and Jean M. Hynes ☆     

Paul and Sharon Conslato                                            

Rich Conte ♢                     

Katherine Coppock ♢ ☆ ☖

Billy Coster ♢                    

Stephen and Marie Cottrel                                          

Robert J. Crawford                                          

Catherine Crawley & Richard Weinstein                                 

Karen Cunningham Nicholson ♢                

Malachi and Margaret Curry-Hamill                                         

Cushman Design Group, Inc. ♢   

Jeffrey Dacales                                  

Stan and Suzanne Danzig ☆        

Kevin and Dawn D'Arcy ♢                             

The James E. Robison Foundation ♢ ☆   

Rick and Lynn Davis ♢ ☆               

Timothy and Sarah Davis                                              

Dr. Lawrence and Louise Decker                                 

Daniel Deckman & Pamela Rosen                                             

Vivian and Eric Denardo ♢ ☆      

Dr. & Mrs. M. David Dennis                                         

Robert DiMario & Helene G. Martin                                         

Gordon and Robin Dixon                                              

Basil Dobbin & Jena Wood ☆      

Peter Dodson ♢                

Jim and Stacy Donahue                                 

Graham Dower & Sheila Cheston ☆         

Nan and Brian Doyal ☆ 

Chris and Laurie Doyle ♢                              

Catherine Drake & Richard Levine ☆ ☖

Peter and Bari Dreissigacker ♢ ☆              

Judy Geer and Dick Dreissigacker ♢                          

Fred and Tina Dubrovsky ☆         

Rachel Duffy                                      

Moira Durnin                                    

Elizabeth Durovich                                          

Evie Dworetzky                                

Jan & Chuck Ebel                                             

Jennifer Echarte                               

Stephen and Dorrit Edwards                                       

Mary Kathryn Edwards                                 

John and Julie Egenberg ♢                           

Steven and Jill Elbaum                                   

Erik and Giulia Eliason                                   

Blake Ellison                                       

Reuben Epstein & Jody Siegle                                     

Virginia Eschenlohr ☆    

Erik and Laura Eselius                                     

The Eskow Family ☆       

Lynn & Jim Espey                                             

Greg and Milene Etingin                               

Tom and Christina Evans ☆          

Lelia Evans                                         

Susan and Ira Evans                                        

Tom and Mary Evslin ☆ 

Rand and Lynne Eyberg                                 

John Fagan                                         

Alvin Fagen & Claire Berger                                         

Ralph and Liz Fariello                                      

Joe and Sara Farley ☆    

Philip and Amy Farley                                     

Joseph F. and Jodi M. Feeney ☆ 

Dr. and Mrs. A. Felgar                                     

Marc and Trish Felgar ☆

Andrea Fenn                                      

Mark E. Ferguson & Elizabeth Yntema ♢                

George Fields                                    

Fil L. Fina III                                        

Susan and Stephen Fishman                                       

Barbara Fitch and Vincent Moeyersoms                                

Kathleen H. Fitzgerald                                    

Todd Edgington & Megan FitzGerald                                        

T.J. and Shelia Fitzgerald ♢                           

Tom and Patty Foltz ☆   

Helen Folweiler                                

Chris and Willa Foran                                     

Judy Foregger                                   

Frank and Judith Foti                                     

Daniel and Elizabeth Fram                                           

Walter and Kristina Frame ♢                       

Clay and Paula Frazier                                    

Chris Frelick & Terri Maxwell                                       

Evan Freund & Aimee Sanders                                   

Marty and Drew Fried                                    

Stephen and Anita Friedman                                      

Chip Dillon & Beth Gadbois                                         

Sam Gaines & Molly Triffin ☆ ☖

Priscilla Gaines ☆            

Joni Gaines                                         

Galligan Family                                 

Marty and Cathy Gardner ♢                        

Leslie Gauff & Bruce Bell ♢                          

David and Joan Genser                                  

Robert and Jana Giordano ♢ ☆  

Peter and Mary Jane Given                                          

Andy and Kerry Glanz                                    

Greg and Zlata Gleason ☆            

Dr. Ronald and Lena Goldberg                                    

Jay and Kathleen Goldman                                          

Lyn Goldsmith                                   

Caren Goodhue ♢                            

Richard Goodwin and Rachel Lampert                                    

Fran and George Gotcsik                                              

Karin Gottlieb                                    

Derek Graddock                               

Alec Graham and Laurie Burton-Graham ☆          

Robert Gramss                                 

Phil Grant and Brooke Kaltsas                                     

Danielle Greenberg                                         

Jeff and Corinne Greene                               

Steve and Jane Greenfogel                                           

David and Jill Greer ☆    

The Grimes Family                                           

Richard Grover                                 

Ron and Kathy Groves ♢               

Haab Family                                       

Ed Hackett                                          

Douglas and Deana Hailey                                            

Heather Hale ♢                

Margot and Donald Hall ♢                           

Ken and Deborah Hamberg ☆    

Brian and Andrea Hamor                                              

Jon Hanson ♢                    

Van and Jane Harissis ☆

John Harper & Ellen Tohn                                             

Susan C. Harris ♢                             

Richard and Susan Hart ♢ ☆       

KK Harvey                                           

Lynn and Andy Harvey ♢                              

Michael and Patricia Haynes ♢                   

Larry Heath                                        

Joel and Pam Heller                                         

Susan Hellerstein & John Triedman                                          

Nathan Hemmer ☆         

Jared and Mary Hendler ☆          

Richard Hennessey & Meghan Sylvester                                

Robert and Pamela Herbst                                           

Jeff Herrmann & Jana Ross ☆     

Margaret Higgins ♢                         

Ralph and Carolyn Hilbert ♢                        

David Hindin & Sally Bloomberg ☆           

Dan Hirschfeld ☆             

Allan and Carole Hitelman                                            

Dave Hoagland ♢                             

James and Robi Hodge                                  

Heather and Doug Hoffmann                                     

David and Michele Holton                                           

Michael and Alison Hong                                              

Philip Tabas & Helen Hooper                                      

David and Trina Hosmer ♢                            

Natalie and Tom Hubbs ♢ ☆       

Kurt & Kristin Hudson                                    

The Hunt Family                                               

Igoe Charitable Giving Fund                                        

Mark Israel and Edee Simon-Israel                                           

Terry and Kristina Itämeri-Kinter                               

George and Cindy Jackman                                         

Amy and Eddie Jalbert                                   

Richard and Clea James ♢ ☆       

Lynn Jeffery                                        

A. Diehl and Patricia Jenkins ☆   

Abigail Johnson & Chris McKown ☆         

Christopher and Kali Jones ☆      

Roger P. Joseph & Patricia Palmer ♢                         

Rob and Sarah Juzek                                      

David and Sarah Kalil ☆ 

Tatiana Kamarskaya                                       

Charlotte and Tom Kastner                                          

Meg and Jeff Kauffman ♢ ☆        

Michael and Patricia Kazakoff ♢                 

John and Diane Kemp ♢ ☆           

Kevin and Cynthia Kester                                              

Keurig Dr Pepper                                             

James Khazzam                                

Jonathan Kim                                    

The Alchemist Brewery Stowe ☆               

Will and Reni King                                           

Andrew and Nancy Kingman                                       

Damon Kinzie ☆               

Bob and CarolLynne Kirch                                            

Jean Kissner & George Weber ♢                

Rich and Kristen Kleiman                                              

Rona Klein ♢                      

Bonnie Knight ♢ ☆          

Kathleen and Andy Knittle ♢                       

Alan and Caryn Kovacs                                  

Peter and Carol-Anne Kramers ♢                               

David Lachtrupp ♢                          

Larry and Peg Lackey ♢                 

Jack and Laura Lancaster ♢                          

Kenneth and Deborah Lasden                                    

Lew Lasher ♢                     

Bill and Shawn Lawrence ♢                          

The Lawton Family                                          

Diane and Michael Leach                                              

Richard and Susan Leadem ☆     

Alan and Lynn Lehouiller                                               

Mark and Rebecca Leipert                                            

Rugged Adventures Camp                                           

George and Inez Lengvari ♢ ☆   

Dave Fromer & Eve Lepcio                                           

Carla Levin ♢                     

Jesse Levine                                       

Mary Levine                                       

Tucker and Vicky Levy ☆               

Jon Levy & Lisa Natkin                                   

Steven Libros                                     

Bob and Megan Liljedahl                                              


Jacquelyn Lindenmeyer ♢                            

Jonathan Lipson & Joanne Cieri   ☆           

Rich and Pam Litchfield                                 

Fernando Lloveras                                           

Kerrie Lohr                                         

Mila Lonetto ☆ 

Peter and Betsy Longstreth ♢                     

Michael and Susan Lonn                                               

Walter and Diane Looney ☆        

Joseph and Lori-Ann Loughnane ♢ ☆      

Ron Lucier & Deb Clark                                  

Barry and Terri Lyman                                   

Lisa Macalaster                                

Spencer and Lisa Macalaster                                       

McKee and Jen Macdonald ☆     

Coldwell Banker Carlson Real Estate ♢ ☆               

Raj and Emily Madan                                     

George and Lois Mahan ♢                            

Douglas Manley & Elizabeth Chabot ♢                    

Andrei Mannheim                                           

Paul and Trish Marchand                                              

Ken and Cyndy Marin                                     

Dick and Millie Marron                                 

Pamela Marsh                                  

Bob and Amy Marshall ♢                              

Deb and Mike Martin                                     

Ilse Matalon                                      

John McBrine ♢               

Megan Mccarthy & Edward Lieber                                            

Jane McCloskey                                

Elizabeth McDermott & Martin Bak                                         

Betty McGill ♢                  

Jeff and Lucinda McKechnie ♢                    

Steven McLafferty & Pauline Lambert ♢                 

Jason McLean                                   

Stephen and Linda Mead                                             

The Meditz Family                                           

FM Global Foundation                                  

John and Millie Merrill ♢ ☆ ☖

Bunny and Peter Merrill ♢ ☆      

Jeffrey Merselis                                

Caren Merson                                   

David and Nancy Merz                                  

Mary M. Meyers ♢                          

Lynn W. Miles ♢ ☆          

Serge and Nikki Milman                                

Stowe Insurance Agency, Inc. ♢                 

Brooke and Bill Mitchell                                

Frits and Cubby Momsen                                             

Karen Monsen ♢ ☆        

Lee Hunter and Julie Montgomery                                           

David and Elizabeth Monz                                           

Bruce Morgan                                  

Kitty Morrissey                                 

Sarah C. Morse ☆            

Tom and Lorrie Motylinski                                           

Geoff and Susan Mullen                                

The Alcyon Foundation ☆            

Brian and Jill Mullin                                        

Gordon and Patricia Munson ♢                 

Peter and Meredith Murphy                                       

Abigail Murtagh                               

Lisa Nelson ♢                    

Lucy Nersesian ♢                             

Bart and Amy Newhouse                                             

Matt and Debby Newpol                                              

John Nichols                                      

Sharon and Carl Nielsen ☆           

Polly Nimick                                       

Peter and Sally Nolan                                     

Melissa and David Norton ♢ ☆  

Josh and Emily Novotny                               

Nick and Wendy Nunez ☆            

Chris and Nancy Oddleifson ☆   

Richard and Patricia Oden                                            

Bob and Leslie Ogan                                       

Julio C. and Liz A. Olimpio                                            

Maura & Andrew Oliveri ☆          

Olson & Seabolt ♢                           

Thomas Opar                                    

Sue and Peter Oppenheimer ♢                  

Brad and Teresa Osborne ☆        

Mark and Caryn O'Sullivan                                           

Alan Ouellette                                   

Jim Owen

Cameron Page                                   

Jean Painter                                       

Annie and Andrew Paradee                                         

Steve and Bobbi Paris                                     

David and Dee Partridge ♢                           

Christy Patt ☆   

Debra H. Payne                                 

Chris Pazandak & Mary Jacques ♢                            

Shaun Pedersen & Alexandra Abbott                                      

Ryan and Courtney Percy                                              

Chuck and Jann Perkins ♢                            

John and Wilma Peterson                                            

The Pew Charitable Trusts                                            

Eric Phaneuf                                      

Sam and Sue Philbrick                                   

Lucene M. Pike ☖

Cheryl Polansky                                

Bill and Sylvia Pope                                         

Beverly & Michael Propen ♢                       

Michael and Deborah Pucillo ♢ ☆            

Michael and Barbara Puddicombe                                           

David Putnam                                   

Adam and Rachel Putnam                                           

Rich and Lisa Quinby                                      

Earl and Suzie Ralph                                       

Louise S. & David P. Ransom                                       

George and Elaine Rau ♢                              

Henry Busetti & Dee Reever ♢                    

John and Eugenia Reiersen ♢                      

Todd and Wendy Renz ☆              

Paula and Rich Reynolds                               

Stella and Tom Richards                                

Martin and Diane Richler ♢                         

Ellen Riemschneider                                       

Tricia and Sean Riley                                       

Peter and Ellen Roberts                                

Geoff Robertson ☆         

Vermont Arborists ♢                      

Raymond and Susan Rodgers ☆ 

Ed and Ruth Ann Rogers                               

Kathy Rogers                                     

EnRoute Consulting                                        

Tim Hayes & Anne Romney                                         

Antony and Livia Rosen                                 

Adam Rosenberg                                             

The Marvin and Rhoda Rosenbloom Family Foundation ☆             

Richie and Andrea Rosenbloom                                 

Skip and Marilyn Rosskam ♢ ☆  

Ed and Sarah Rovetto                                     

John Rowlands & Kate Bradley                                   

Deborah Rubin & Philip Ades                                      

Carolyn Kelly Ruschp & Walter Levering ♢ ☆        

Rushmore Foundation ☆              

Marion Russell                                  

Stewart Ruth                                     

Jayne and George Sabbagh                                         

Jo Sabel Courtney                                           

Peter Sakash ♢                 

Linda Sallop & Michael Fenlon ♢ ☆          

James and Ruth Santos ♢ ☆        

Timothy and Bethany Sargent                                    

Richard Sargent ♢                            

Stephen Sayce                                  

Janice Bini & Dean Scarborough ☆           

Heidi Scheuermann ♢                    

Ann Scheuermann                                          

Alex and Patricia Schmidt                                             

Philip and Deborah Schoepke                                     

Marcie & Bill Scudder                                    

Kerry Sedutto & Kevin Komer ☆

Barbara Segal & Howard Brown ☆            

Kathy Seidl                                         

C.J. and Gail Seitz                                             

Laura M. Selfors                               

Jane Sequist                                      

James and Regina Shakin                                             

Kathleen E. Shannon ♢                  

Jossamber and Barnaby Shapiro                                

Robert and Anne Shapiro                                             

Jeffrey Sharat & Constance Carrino ♢                      

Kristen Sharpless & Michael Snyder ♢ ☆

Liz Sheahan ♢                   

Lloyd and Janice Sheiner ☆         

Jeremy and Samantha Shinewald                                              

Thomas Shively & Lisa Coney ☆ 

David and Barbara Siegel ♢ ☆    

Jon Sigler & Kathy Myron ☆        

Mary Ann Simmons                                        

Mary Ellen Simon ♢                        

John and Lynn Skinner ♢                              

Gay Slesar ♢ ☆ 

Jason and Callie Slocum ☆           

Dr. Alan and Jill Slootsky                               

Nancy Small & Roger Keller                                          

Eric and Dale Smeltzer                                   

Shapleigh and Peggy Smith ♢                     

Richard and Anne Smith ♢ ☆     

Richard and Faina Smith                               

Frank and Valerie Smolar                                              

William and Gloria Snyder                                           

Michael and Karen Sonier                                            

Elizabeth Soper                                

Kermit and Hazel Spaulding ♢                    

Spector Fund at the Boston Foundation ♢ ☆       

Sunrise Mountain Guides                                             

Lee and Alice Spencer ♢ ☆          

Dean Pineles & Kristina Stahlbrand ♢                      

Ron and Judy Stancliff ♢               

Derek Stangle                                    

Dwight and Joan Stecker ♢                          

John and Anne Steel ♢                  

Marilyn Steinberg                                            

Jenny and Jon Steingart ☆           

Sylvatica Design, LLC                                       

Neil and Carla Stempel ☆             

Calvin and Jennifer Stempel ☆   

William Stern & Beatrice Alvarez ☆          

Harold and Carol Stevens ♢                         

Nicholas and Kate Stevens                                           

Amy Stewart ☆ 

Mary Stewart                                    

Jessica Stitson                                   

John and Pam Stobierski                                               

Stowe Family Dentistry                                 

Hobey & Kristen Stuart                                 

Pamela and Charles Swearingen                                

Sweatman Family ♢                        

Tom and Grace Sweet    

Todd and Mary Taggart                                 


Irwin and Sara Tauben ♢ ☆         

Timothy and Nancy Taussig ♢ ☆

Ben and Kelly Taylor ☆  

John and Diana Taylor                                    

Deb and Rob Taylor ♢                    

Paul Thabault & Nancy Money                                   

Tony Thompson                               

Alan and Ellen Thorndike ♢ ☆    

Tilgner Family ♢ ☆          

Mark and Chris Tolstoi                                   

Dr. Thomas & Barbara Tomasi                                     

Nancy Tooley ♢                

Walter E. Towslee ♢                        

Anne and Bruce Tribush                                

Paul and Sharon Trietley                               

Ted and Kathy Truscott ☆             

True Bleu Charitable Fund ☆       

John and Allison Turkowski                                          

Val and Brenda Vallely                                   

Carol and Neil Van Dyke                                

PK Coffee                                            

Katrina Veerman ☆         

Rob and Lisa Venne                                        

Susan Vicinelli ♢ ☆         

Stephen and Kajy Vicinelli ♢                        

Paolo and Kara Vicinelli ☆            

Cheryl Vince                                      

Joseph and Elizabeth Vincent                                     

VIP Gift Fund ☆

Roberta Wachtelhausen                               

Laura and Kyle Walker ☆              

David and Linda Walker                                 

Jonathan Wallace & Lisa McGovern                                         

Randi Wallach & Adan Schwartz                                

Daniel and Sarah Wallach                                             

Lauren Wardwell                                             

Stuart G. Warner ☆        

Sally Watts ♢ ☆

Joseph Wauters & Bonnie Billings ♢                         

Ron and Lynn Waxman                                  

Jeff Waxman                                     

Chris L. Weaver                                

Bernie Weichsel                               

Laura Weickert                                  

Fred and Andi Weiss ♢                  

Karl and Donna Weller ☆             

Rob and Gayle Wettach                                 

Randy and Lori Wetzel                                   

Kelly and Chris Wheeler ☆ ☖

Jeff and Tiffany Wheeler                               

Blake Whitman  ☆           

The Wikle Family                                              

David Wilkens & Molly Pindell ♢ ☆ ☖

Jon Williams                                       

Jonathan Wilson ☆         

Virginia Wilson ☆            

Ted and JeanMarie Winokur                                       

Dan Winston and Tira Khan ☆    

Roger M. and Jill J. Witten ♢ ☆ ☖

Peter Wolf                                          

Charles Wolf                                      

Joseph Woodin ☆            

Maks Wulkan & Diane Grossman ☆         

Gregory and Mary Wylde                                             

John Wysolmerski and Caroline Hendel                                  

Doug and Carrie Yakola ☆            

Stephen Yanow & Linda Hazen ♢ ☆         

Kim Yellin & Marc Stern ♢ ☆      

Kate and Wally Young                                    

James Zajac                                       

Eric Zeikel & Diane Brindle ♢                       

Ronna and Arnie Ziegel ♢                            

The Zimmerman Family                                 

John and Judy Zinn ♢     

In Honor of the DuMont-Benzing Wedding
Friend of Stowe Land Trust (2)
Maulin Patel & Jonnee Bentley
Malia DuMont
Diane Feldman
Bart Johnsen-Harris and Laura Kaiser
Paul DuMont & Susan Klein
Preston Maddock
Anthony Monaro
Debbie Schultz
Mary Topolinski

In Honor of Arthur McNamara
Stan and Suzanne Danzig

In Honor of Barry and Terri Lyman
Richard Segan

In Honor Catherine Drake & Richard Levine
Stephen and Linda Mead

In Honor of Diane Arnold & Dean Goodermote
Friend of Stowe Land Trust

In Honor of James and Cathy Phillip
The Lawton Family

In Honor of Lee and Alice Spencer
Alan and Caryn Kovacs

In Honor of Michael and Cheryl Richards
Keith and Jennie Green

In Honor of Our Children
Dr. Alan and Jill Slootsky

In Honor of Paul DuMont
Erik DuMont & Sarah Benzing

In Honor of Peter Dodson
Jennifer Echarte

In Honor of Philip Branton & Ellen Lazarus
Frederick Kraus

In Honor of Reagan Richmond
Jack & Laurie Richmond

In Honor of Roland & Lara
Friend of Stowe Land Trust

In Honor of Sam and Annie Bartlett
Ann Higgins

In Honor of Tom and Liz Lackey
Maggie MacDonald

In Honor of Walter and Diane Looney
Friend of Stowe Land Trust

In Memoriam

Gar Anderson ♢
Bradley Benedict    
Bernice A. Binginot     
Kathy Bosland ☆♢
Lillian Coppola    
Henry Ames Cushman    
Edward Dunn    
Jason Gaines ☆
Gerry Griffin ☆♢
Ed Izzo ☆♢
Gordon Johanson ♢
Jan Kilburn    
Arnold Langbo    
Brent Libby    
Thomas McKenna    
Emma Ottolenghi    
Barbara Roberts    
Glenn Sautter    
Beverly Wood ♢

Event Donations

Gray Matter Marketing
North Hollow Berry Farm


Canadian Friends of Stowe Land Trust
Land Trust Alliance
The Nature Conservancy
Town of Stowe

Hospitality Partners

The Lodge at Spruce Peak ☆
The Stowehof ☆
Topnotch Resort & Spa ☆
Trapp Family Lodge ☆♢

Matching Gifts

Advent International ☆
Ares Management
BlackRock Financial Management Inc. ☆
Champlain Investment Partners ☆
CVC Advisors Inc. ☆
FM Global Foundation
Igoe Charitable Giving Fund
Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation, Inc.
Wells Fargo

In Kind Gifts & Donations

Alario Tech
Amazon Smile
Anna Black, Esq.
Bob Fahey
Jesse Goldfine, Esq
Netdahe Stoddard
Richard Levine
Shaws Market
Stowe Maple Products
Tom Rogers
von Trapp Brewery

Program Partners 

Laraway School
Stowe Community Church
Stowe Conservation Commission
Stowe Elementary School
Stowe Rotary
Stowe Trails Partnership
The Current
The Nature Conservancy
Vermont Land Trust
VT Department of Fish & Wildlife
VT Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation
Waterbury Conservation Commission
Waterbury Land Initiative