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Stowe Land Trust Partnership with von Trapp Family Reaches Milestone

Posted Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The gardens at Trapp Family Lodge overlook a viewshed and landscape shaped by ongoing conservation efforts (photo: Trapp Family Lodge).

When the von Trapp family first made Luce Hill their home in the summer of 1942, they forged a partnership with the land—one that allowed them to feed their family from crops they grew and animals they raised, while sustainably managing the land. In this spirit of cultivation and caring, Trapp Family Lodge has joined with Stowe Land Trust to establish a legacy that protects the future of the working landscape in the Stowe region. 

Four generations of von Trapps have set their roots in Stowe, owning and managing Trapp Family Lodge, continuing the tradition of active farming and forestry, and providing unparalleled opportunities for visitors to get out and enjoy the mountains and valleys. Continuing the family’s true pioneering spirit, Johannes von Trapp helped establish Stowe Land Trust 29 years ago, and through this commitment, the family has permanently conserved over 1,500 acres. In the years that have passed since Stowe Land Trust’s inception, the von Trapp family has continued in their commitment to conservation and stewardship in Stowe. 

In 2013, Trapp Family Lodge and Stowe Land Trust aligned to form a partnership “Honor the Past, Preserve the Future”, focused on informing visitors and the Stowe community of the importance of protecting land for future generations to enjoy.  Through the partnership, Trapp Family Lodge guests donate $1 per occupied room night as a contribution to Stowe Land Trust to assist with land conservation. To date, this partnership has raised almost $50,000 for Stowe Land Trust, which provides reliable funding the organization has put to work over the last three years.   

Stowe Land Trust works with members, donors and the community to conserve the essential components of the landscape. Stowe Land Trust also continues to take care of conserved properties, making sure that the conservation values are being protected on the land.  “We are so fortunate to have the solid, ongoing support of the von Trapp family” said Caitrin Maloney, Executive Director of the Stowe Land Trust.  “The impact of the partnership on our organization cannot be overstated.  Not only does this support provide us with critical support for our operations, but it’s been inspiring to other donors. We are delighted and honored to continue to put these dollars to work for the good of the community.”