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Valcour Farm

The Valcour farm is a productive mix of tillage, pasture and sugarbush. It also contains a well-known heron rookery which is now protected by a 20-acre wetland protection zone. The property's conservation protected one of Lamoille County's remaining working farms. 

Vermont Land Trust worked with the Valcour family to permanently protect the Valcour Farm located at the corner of Randolph and Goeltz Roads in Morristown. The Valcour farm was simultaneously conserved and sold to the Hursh family making Jesse and Marlene Hursh the proud owners of their first farm. They and their grown children have rented a dairy farm, where they run popular farmstand, across the valley on Lyle McKee Road for over 20 years. The Hurshes will continue to milk and grow vegetables for their farm stand at the rented farm for a while and eventually plan to transfer their operation across town to the Valcour Farm property. 

Public Access

In winter, a section of the Catamount Trail crosses the property. No other public access.


From the intersection of Route 100 and 108 in Stowe Village, take Route 100 north 6 miles to Goeltz Road. Turn right onto Goeltz Road. The Valcour Farm surrounds the intersection of Goeltz and Randolph Roads.  


  • 174.5 acres
  • Privately owned
  • Conserved in 2021
  • Randolph Road, Morristown
  • Friend of Stowe Land Trust (4)
  • Pete Adamy & Patricia Flam
  • Jane and Stephen Alpert
  • John Angier & Linda Zamvil
  • Thomas and Patricia Auer
  • Gary and Nancy Banks
  • Raymond and Sengdao Bergmann
  • Steve Berson and Cynthia Allen-Berson
  • Betty and Carvel Bevans Jr.
  • Ron Biedermann
  • Emily and Richard Bland
  • Beth and Barton Bradford
  • Robert Brown
  • Chess Brownell
  • Paul Chebator & Mer Zovko
  • Stephen G. Cole
  • Robert DiMario & Helene G. Martin
  • John and Doren Dolan
  • Kathleen Donahue
  • Rachel Duffy
  • Evie Dworetzky
  • Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Esswein
  • Sean and Amy Fernandez
  • Fran and George Gotcsik
  • Phil Grant
  • Margot and Donald Hall
  • Erica and Lucas Harris
  • Jed and Amy Harris
  • Nathan Hemmer
  • Margaret Higgins
  • Natalie and Tom Hubbs
  • Tom and Kathy Jackman
  • George and Cindy Jackman
  • Richard and Clea James
  • Tom and Laura Jordan
  • John and Diane Kemp
  • Deedle Kiley
  • Larry and Peg Lackey
  • Kevin and Allison Lane
  • Walt Levering & Carolyn Ruschp
  • James and Jacquelyn Lindenmeyer
  • Joseph and Lori-Ann Loughnane
  • The Meditz Family
  • Merna and Gerald Morse
  • Sara Pennock
  • John and Wilma Peterson
  • Bill and Sylvia Pope
  • Paula and Rich Reynolds
  • Ed and Ruth Ann Rogers
  • Stewart Ruth
  • Richard and Heather Sargent
  • Kristen Sharpless & Michael Snyder
  • Jon and Karen Shreter
  • Union Bank
  • Richard and Anne Smith
  • Ron and Judy Stancliff
  • Aimee and Hannah Stearns
  • Dwight and Joan Stecker
  • Amy Stewart
  • Jessica Stitson
  • Deb and Rob Taylor
  • Town of Morristown
  • Kathy and Ted Truscott
  • John and Allison Turkowski
  • Gaetano and Susan Vicinelli
  • Kyle and Laura Walker
  • Richard and Sally Watts
  • David Wilkens & Molly Pindell
  • Roger M. and Jill J. Witten
  • In Memory of David Sequist, D.V.M
  • Charlie and Gibby Berry