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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Survive, Flourish, Connect

From the alpine zone on top of Mount Mansfield, to the fragmented floodplains of the valley floor and everything in between, Stowe’s varied environments support a rich diversity of plant and animal life.

Stowe’s connected blocks of forestland, its patchwork of open fields, and its wild streams and rivers all provide a rich variety of habitats that support our biotic communities.

Bear, moose, and many other species rely on large expanses of uninterrupted forest to thrive. These areas are also globally important, supporting nesting songbirds like the Bicknell’s Thrush and other neotropical migrants. Wildlife depend on being able to travel safely between habitats during seasonal migrations, to reproduce, and to find suitable new territory in a changing climate.

Stowe Land Trust works to protect high-quality habitat and critical connectors that support a diversity of native plants and animals.