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Cady Hill Forest

Location:  Property is located on the west side of Route 100 and south of Route 108, adjacent to the Town-owned Palisades property.

Date Protected:  May 2012; land purchased by SLT and transferred to the Town of Stowe

Acres:  258

Landowner: Town of Stowe, conservation easement co-held by Stowe Land Trust and the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board.

Conservation Purposes:  The purposes of the conservation easement are to provide perpetual public, outdoor recreational use of the property, protect biological diversity, important wildlife habitat and natural communities, to provide opportunities for timber management and harvesting of timber and non-timber resources, to conserve and protect the property's undeveloped character and scenic and open space resources for present and future generations and to ensure that the property will be owned in perpetuity by a qualified nonprofit, public or other entity approved by Grantee VHCB.

Property Description:  The Cady Hill Forest property consists of 258 acres comprised of three parcels of land.  A 19-car parking lot located on Mountain Road was developed to provide the primary access to Cady Hill Forest. The larger block of the Cady Hill Forest was settled and the suitable land was cleared for farming around the late 1700’s.  Most of the property was at one time used either as pasture or crop land.  These uses were abandoned, in various stages based on ownership, from about 35 to 120 years ago.  All of the forest land has naturally re-vegetated to well-stocked forest land.

The property is bisected by a north-to-south running ridgeline the apex of which is Cady Hill, located to the west of the conserved property. The southwestern portion of the property is dominated by Hemlock and is recognized by the VT Fish & Wildlife Department as state designated deer wintering area.  Moving across the ridgeline to the north and east, the forest cover is predominantly White Pine – Hardwood Forest with White Pine, Red Maple and Sugar Maple and Northern Hardwood Forest with Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Hemlock and Yellow Birch. The property contains approximately 23 acres of Class II wetland.  A large wetland complex stretches northeast to southwest along the southwest portion of the property.  Another large wetland complex runs along the eastern boundary below the powerline. 

It is estimated that 11 miles of single track and double track trail currently exist on the property and is regularly used for non-motorized recreational activities including: hiking, biking, running, hunting, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing.    

Public Access:  Cady Hill Forest is open to the public for a variety of non-motorized recreational activities including hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and hunting. E-bikes are not permitted. Access from the end of Cady Hill Road is closed in the winter to protect deer wintering area habitat on the property. 

Directions:  Cady Hill Forest can be accessed year round from the parking area on the Mountain Road across from the Town and Country Resort. Access to the trails may also be found behind Iride Cycles across from the Baggy Knees Shopping Plaza on the Mountain Road. 

"We are so thankful for all the support we received from the community for this project!"  

- Heather Furman, former Executive Director


  • 320 contiguous acres of Town owned forest land.
  • Permanent access off Mountain Road.
  • 11 mile multi-use trail network.

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