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Long Winter (Kaiser) Farm

Location:  The farm is 2.8 miles up Nebraska Valley Rd. from Moscow Village next to the SLT-conserved Bryant-Adams Farm barn and field.

Date Protected:  April 2016; easement purchased by Vermont Land Trust with funding from the Stempel Foundation, other SLT donors, the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board, and Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

Acres:  49

Landowners: Annie & Andrew Paradee - Long Winter Farm; Conservation easement is held by Vermont Land Trust and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board. SLT holds an Executory Interest.

Conservation Purposes:  The purposes of the conservation easement is to protect working farm and forest land and to keep farms affordable for the next generation of farmers. The easement also provides protections for the river corridor along Miller Brook.

Project Highlights:

  • Saved one of the few remaining working farms in Stowe
  • Helped to protect the beauty and character of rural Nebraska Valley
  • Made a farm affordable for new farmers and transfer it to the next generation
  • Kept farmland in farming and providing continued access to local food
  • Protected land next to existing conserved farmland and State Forest
  • Protected Miller Brook with a forested buffer and river corridor easement

Property Description:  The property has been and continues to be a small-scale, diversified family farm. Current owners, Annie & Andrew Paradee began farming the land in spring 2016. The plan to develop a sheep dairy (yogurt and cheese and to offer vegetables, pork, poultry, and eggs available for on-farm purchase by community members. Their plans include building a home within the farmstead complex designated in the conservation easement.  

The farm has 11 acres of prime and 14 acres of statewide agricultural soils with a mixture of tillable, pasture and woodland.  The forestland includes a maple sugarbush.  The farm also has 3,200 feet of frontage on Miller Brook, and has an established riparian buffer. 

Public Access:  There is a small farm stand next to the barn on the road, but the farm is not open to the public.

Directions:  Drive 2.8 miles up Nebraska Valley Rd. from Moscow Village. The barns and farm are on the left.

“Conservation has allowed me to pass my farm along to the next generation of farmers.  Without the sale of the easement and the help of the land trusts, I would not have been able to retire and also make it work financially.  The easement also makes the farm affordable for a working farmer.” 

-- Christine Kaiser

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