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Strawberry Hill Farm

Location:  Easement Area is located on Shaw Hill in Stowe between Barrows Road and Cady Hill Forest. Accessed from trails behind Stowe High School.

Date Protected:  December 1997; Easement transferred to SLT October 2017

Acres:  50.6

Landowner: Privately owned; easement held by SLT

Conservation Purposes:  The purposes of the conservation easement are to conserve productive woodlands, wildlife habitats, non-commercial recreational opportunities and activities, and other natural resource values of the Easement Area for the scenic and recreational benefit of the public.

Project Highlights:

  • Saved 50+ acres of locally-important forestland.
  • Protected headwaters of Barrow's Brook.
  • Helped to protect the beauty and rural character of Stowe.
  • Protected critical wildlife habitat including approximately 40 acres of deer wintering habitat as identified by the State of Vermont
  • Secured public access for recreation in the vicinity of Cady Hill Forest and adjacent to public land owned by the Stowe School District

Property Description:  The Strawberry Hill Farm Easement Area is 50.6 acres of forestland next to Stowe High School. It is located in the rural residential neighborhood of Shaw Hill not far from Stowe Village and Cady Hill Forest. The Easement Area has no road frontage, but is visible from Trapp Hill Road.

The Hemlock-Northern Hardwood Forest functions as a deer wintering area and also includes a number of dramatic ledges and rock outcrops. A tributary of Barrows Brook runs parallel to the northern boundary of the Easement Area and is protected by a 50-foot riparian buffer. One mile of single and double-track trails suitable for walking and mountain biking run through the Easement Area.

Public Access:  The Easement Area is open to the public for dispersed, non-motorized recreation including walking, wildlife observation, snowshoeing, skiing, mountain biking, hunting and trapping. E-bikes are not permitted. Please respect private property and landowner wishes. Trails and the Easement Area can be accessed from behind the Stowe High School off of Barrows Road.

Directions:  From Stowe Village, take VT-108N (the Mountain Road). In 2 miles, take a slight left onto Luce Hill Road. In 0.5 miles, turn left onto Barrows Road. Stowe High School will be on your left in a 0.5 mile. An unmarked trail is starts below the powerline behind the school building and leads onto the conserved property.

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