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Hunting Season 2023 and Me: Hunting Safety and Recreation

Posted Tuesday, October 17, 2023
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The Grimes Family recreating responsibly and connecting to conserved land at Brownsville.

The leaves are falling to the forest floor and that means hunting season 2023 is almost here. It’s time to replace those bright orange leaves with blaze orange clothing (Don’t have any? Check out SLT’s Blaze Orange Beanie.). Hunting friendly conserved properties are for everyone, hunters and non-hunters alike.

Here are some tips to stay safe as we share the woods this fall:

  • Wear high visibility colors, both for you and your pets, when you are out on the trail.
  • Keep dogs on their leash.
  • During the busiest times of year (November 11 – November 26, 2023), consider visiting properties where hunting is prohibited (including Wiessner and Kirchner Woods).
  • Consider timing your activities to the middle of the day, when visibility is at its highest and the woods are less busy.

It’s always the right season to #RecreateResponsibly! This short article by SLT’s former Conservation program Manager, Elizabeth Fenn, is packed with tips and tricks on how to best enjoy the outdoors safely and sustainably.

When you are heading out to enjoy some hunting on conserved land this year during the Vermont hunting season’s calendar dates, be sure to check our Activities Page for information on which conserved properties allow for hunting.

For quick reference, here is a list of hunting friendly properties:

Adams Camp

Bingham Falls

Brownsville – Story Ridge Forest

Cady Hill Forest

DuMont Meadow

H.D. Burnham Farm

Hunger Mountain Headwaters

Joe’s Pond

Lepine Forest

Maple Run Lane – Chase

Mill Trail

Nichols Field

Page Forest

Pinnacle Meadow

Stancliff Forest

Strawberry Hill Farm

Valcour Bog

Here’s to another wonderful autumn for all in the greater Stowe community!